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In Theme Page U you'll get access to all 101 Classes about Theme Pages on Instagram. Current classes include Growth, Content, Monetization, IG Guidelines, Acquisitions, & Taxes.

You'll also get unlimited access to all Undergrad Lectures & Study Halls. Lectures & Study Halls will include the chance to ask Matthew, Hadin, and the rest of the team questions about Theme Pages, learn directly from some of the biggest Publishers in the game, and collaborate with your peers.

Enroll now to begin your journey in the world of digital real estate!


This isn't a "get rich quick" offer.

Theme Page U is like any other school (except that it won't put you $50k in debt over the next 4 years - unless you do something really wrong).

We are reimagining what "school" is. Knowing the best practices for Social Media use is a crucial skill in 2021. We are only interested in working with students who want to learn.

Anyone who takes up a seat in our limited cohorts takes a spot away from someone else. As a result, anyone who decides to join & leave will be permanently blacklisted from Theme Page U.

  • Access to Theme Page U MightyNetwork Community & All 101 Courses Within

  • Access to Theme Page U MightyNetwork Community & All 101 Courses Within


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